Top 5 Free Games Like The Sims

The Sims is one of the most popular online multiplayer games in the world.  Here you get to play in a virtual world and you get to have control over one or more virtual persons. You make everyday decisions for these virtual people like having relationships, going to work, or having a great time. The options are almost endless which is why people want to play games just like it for free. Below we have collected and compiled a list of Five of the best free online games that are similar to The Sims.

Take a look and feel free to play any of the games today for free by clicking on the link!

  • Virtual Families

    Virtual Families

    Virtual Families is a free downloadable game developed around the …
  • IMVU


    IMVU is an online simulation game where players use 3D avatars to …
  • Second Life

    Second Life

    The Second Life online game is a 3D online virtual …
  • Virtual Villagers

    Virtual Villagers

    Virtual Villagers is an online village simulation game that runs in real …
  • WoozWorld


    Woozworld could easily be considered The Sims game designed for …


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