game similar to sims newedencity

New Eden City is a free to play online virtual game. It is a little bit similar to Second Life but more of a mature rating. Its slogan is Glamour, Sex and Crime on Hamburg’s Red-Light District “Reeperbahn”. So viewer discretion is advised. Please be 13+ when playing New Eden City. However, for being such a “mature” game, it does have quite a bit to offer.

To start the out players are newly hired in St. Pauli’s red light district by the running brothels. Your job is to smuggle drugs and attend other businesses that have to do with sex and crime. Your objective is to secure this job and do it to your fullest potential. In other words, run the streets like you are the king and don’t take no for an answer!

Some features include: a clever fighting system, a map of all of St. Pauli, and a huge gang section. You can deck out your character to make him/her look however you want when roaming the streets of St. Pauli. Not only that but you can also interact with other people while playing this game.

New Eden City is actually offline now and is no longer available to play! I am sorry.


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